Saturday, 11 May 2013

Current Nails: Light Blue with Pink Stripes

This is my first attempt with striping tape, and I'm so pleased with it! I had to do them without tweezers, which was fiddly, but doable. I definitely will try to find my tweezers for my next attempt though.

I had tried some stripy nails a couple of times before using masking tape when I did candy cane nails, and also when I did a black and white nail for my Wizard of Oz inspired nails. However, using the striping tape which is all the same width is so much easier and I prefer the result. 

I found the tutorial on Nailasaurus very helpful for creating these nails. :)

Again, I used Barry M polishes, which I use pretty much all of the time. The striping tape came from Born Pretty store and cost next to nothing.

I noticed that it is important not to apply the Seche Vite top coat too soon after the stripes are complete. Normally, I put it on about 2 minutes after I'm done painting. However, I found that it smudges the stripes if you put it on too soon. It is best to wait a good 15 minutes, or until the stripes are drier, then put on the Seche Vite.


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