Thursday, 23 May 2013

Things I Love Thursday

♥ the flowers I bought for myself yesterday, which I spent a lot of time photographing this morning

♥ certain lovely people being lovely to me and making me smile/laugh/both

♥ getting my best ever Getty statement this week, mostly thanks to selling this photo

♥ new dresses, and painting matching nails. I took this photo for Photo Tennis yesterday.  :) It was originally going to include my black & white electric guitar in the shot too, but it wasn't working and I sulked, put my hand on my hip, took this shot and really loved the simplicity. It's funny how photos work out like that sometimes.

♥ photography, generally. It is the best therapy. 

♥ nail art, generally. I've grown to really love it. It takes my mind off things and it is like having these tiny little blank canvasses you can work on again and again. The possibilities are endless. 

♥ my pet fish. They're too cute.

♥ having freshly dyed hair. I just need to get it cut now.

♥ making positive plans and looking forward to a fresh start.

♥ my bear, Hamley, who I also plan to photograph later today. Teddy bears are the most loyal of companions (if you don't have a cat).

I'm moving back to Sutton Coldfield on Saturday. Long story. But, it is for the best and I can't say I will miss Nottingham a huge amount.


  1. Hope you are ok, I second making positive plans for the future :) congrats on the Getty sale :D

    1. Thanks :) I'm alright. Focusing on the good things always helps! :)

  2. Those flowers are so beautiful!

  3. lovely post :) such a cute flowers!
    have a nice rest of the day :) xxx

  4. Loved the post. You made me want to go and hug one of my teddy bears. Good luck with your fresh start.


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