Thursday, 30 May 2013

Things I Love Thursday

In no particular order... ♥ bluebells ♥ being at home ♥ hugs from my mum ♥ beginning a massive clear out of my bedroom and re-organising all my stuff (there will be many photos once it's all done, although I expect it will take me a few weeks!) ♥ planning to go on a little holiday with my mum ♥ baths! every night! ♥ taking/planning lots of happy photographs ♥ planning to get back into The Teleidoscope again (I'm aiming to start it again next week. It's a good theme!) ♥ starting to get used to the new Flickr (well, a little bit) ♥ wandering around the garden whenever I like ♥ getting my hair cut ♥ seeing m'colleague, Alice, who always makes me laugh :) ♥ looking forward to possibly meeting up with Libby quite soon to watch and photograph some morris dancers :) ♥ wearing my favourite dresses/outfits ♥ fresh cupcakes from a local bakery ♥ planning a re-design/re-naming of this blog ♥ planning my future Etsy shop ♥ watching all the birds (mainly blue tits!) tucking into the nuts in the bird feeder in the garden (when I first put the feeder out there a year or two ago, they didn't seem to find it/trust it, but nowadays, they are constantly eating from it) ♥ reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere ♥ looking forward to free Graze boxes (which are technically for my parents, but I'll probably end up pinching a lot of the things!) ♥ chocolate moustache lollipops  being able to listen to my CDs again, instead of having to rely solely on Spotify ♥ shoegaze, so much shoegaze ♥ watching the sun set from my attic room ♥ watching some of my all-time favourite films again, such as the wonderful Amelie :) 


  1. i love Amelie too! it's definitely one of my favourite films. Loved this post. I hope you're having a good week x

    1. It is amazing isn't it? :D Makes me feel like everything is going to be OK :) I'm good, thanks, I've emailed you btw :) x


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