Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Cameras on things

I love the range of camera print things by Yumi. :D I've already got the satchel waiting for me back in Birmingham, thanks to my mum spotting it reduced in House of Fraser (hooray for mums!). It's reduced on the Yumi site too now. I hope to get the dress soon too. It's the dress of my dreams! Well, perhaps not quite, I'd prefer one with short sleeves rather than sleeveless, but it's still lovely. I wish Yumi had more shops though so I could go try it on for size. If you're in the US, by the way, I've seen both these items on Modcloth.

They do a camera jumper too, which is also pretty awesome.

On to other things...this cushion from M&S is sweet and simple.

This printed tee from Asos is cute and is currently in the sale.

Every photographer needs a happy polaroid cushion. :) It is from Mymimi on Etsy.

How neat are these? I definitely need the Nikon one :) They're also on Etsy by Mrs Eliot Books. You can buy the set of 6 or just the 2 you want.

They offer prints and cards with the designs on too.

Finally, I love this cute embroided camera ring. It's been on my wishlist for ages. It's also on Etsy by The Heyday Shop. :)


  1. Ok, I'm wanting to add all of this to my wishlist as well!! I'm obsessed with cameras on things and these are all amazing finds!

  2. Love that camera dress! Do you think it's for sale in shops as well as online, not heard of that brand before!

    1. There are a few Yumi shops dotted around the country, but I think they're mostly in/near London. Some House of Fraser stores have a Yumi section, but not the Nottingham one, sadly. :( What I might do is order it online to collect at the House of Fraser in Nottingham and take it back if it doesn't fit. That way, won't have to pay postage!

  3. The dress is amazing! Despite having lots of cameras, it seems I don't own anything with a camera on it. I tend to go for bears and maps, but now I'm curious about all the camera things.

    1. i know! :D now I'm curious about bear things, ha! :D now, a dress with bears on would be pretty amazing...


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