Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Wooden Jewellery

Happy May, all. :) This month, I want to get back into blogging more frequently, and about more of a variety of things, so thought I'd start with a simple wishlist today.
I seem to be drawn to wooden jewellery these days. There's a lot of it about on Etsy.

Here's a little selection of some goodies I particularly love. :)
Hedgehog brooch and bird earrings by Sugar Cookie. I absolutely love all the wooden jewellery in this shop. I will definitely have to make an order at some point. 
Dinosaur earrings by The Badger Set. I already have some wooden butterfly earrings from here, similar to these ones, which are very pretty. Plus, I like that plain wood jewellery goes with every outfit colour.

Flower ring and fox brooch by Layla Amber. The ring is part of her gorgeous new In Bloom collection, which I think would look great in summer. The brooch is part of her Woodland collection, which I've been lusting after for months! I already have one of her cute budgie rings and would love to get some more of her pieces.

Watership Down brooch and music note brooch by House of Ismay. I love Watership Down (particularly the film, which I watched repeatedly as a child), and I love rabbits, so this brooch is sort of perfect for me. I love the simplicity of the music note one too.
Butterfly necklace by Ladybird Likes. I've seen this lady's stuff all over blogs, particularly her collar clips, but I personally like these detailed butterfly necklaces best. The colours of this one are super pretty.

Finally, I love this polka dot deer brooch and sweet rabbit earrings by Each to Own.


  1. I love wooden jewelry too, have you seen lucie ellen's shop on etsy? x

    1. No, I hadn't, but just had a little look! :D Love the personalised bunting necklaces :D


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