Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tigerprint Competition: Photographic Blanks

About ten days before the deadline, I found out that the design company Tigerprint, who make cards and things for M&S, were doing another photographic greeting card competition. :D I must have missed it when they first announced it, and I'm so glad I found out about it in time to think of some ideas. I've entered 3 of their competitions in the past (floral photography in 2011, teenage years photography and male photography in 2012), but I think it's been a whole year since they did a photography one, as most of their competitions are graphic design focused (which I'd love to get into but I don't really know where to start).

For this competition, the brief was a very flexible one, which made it easier to think of ideas. This time it was simply to create a photographic greeting card that would be blank on the inside.

I decided to make my "Magic Tea" photo I took recently my first entry. I think it would look pretty on a card and would appeal to girls and younger women. Tea themed photos are always popular, but I wanted to find an original way to photograph my tea set. The concept of "Magic Tea" popped into my head when I bought some little sparkly stars in a craft shop. I discovered that floating them in water in the teacup made a really pretty effect.

I also decided to submit this Flowers and Bubbles shot, which I thought looked best as a square crop. I think this would make a bright, cheerful and summery card.

The other 3 photos I thought up last week, specifically for the competition.

I thought it would be fun to do a shot of my bear, who may be getting a bit old, but he's still very photogenic. M&S have recently started selling these chocolate moustache lollipops so I thought my bear holding one would make a cute and silly shot that would appeal to a lot of people. Moustaches still seem to be on trend too.

For my next one, I decided to go for nail art because it's something I enjoy these days, and it seems to be very trendy and popular amongst girls/younger women. It's a shame I couldn't enter my rubber duck nails photo, which I'm very fond of, but Getty have that one, so I had to come up with something different. Strawberry nails are quite a popular nail art style, so I decided to try them and photograph them with strawberries to make a bright and summery card that would appeal to girls and young women.

Finally, for my last entry, I decided to photograph some of the forget-me-nots in the garden. I thought they looked nice in this purple vase which I positioned in front of the bluebells in the garden where the evening light was pretty. I was originally going to do a close-up of the bluebells but I left it too late and they are starting to die now, and aren't very photogenic anymore. Anyway, I think forget-me-nots are really pretty flowers (despite my mum insisting they're actually weeds). I think this image would make a subtle and pretty card that might be suitable as a "thinking of you" type card.

It has been good fun to take part again. If you'd like to browse all the entries you can do so here. :)


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