Friday, 12 July 2013

A little LomoWall

When I moved back to my parents', I decided I wanted to make some changes to my bedroom. I took down all my old posters, swapped around a couple of bits of furniture, and added lots of new decorations, and, most importantly, lots of photos!

I used to have my collection of gig tickets going around my bedroom wall, but they were looking so faded and tatty I decided to take them all down. I could never throw them away so I think I'll get a scrapbook for them.

Instead, I now have a little LomoWall :) Having an attic room means I hardly have any wall space that isn't sloping, so it's nice to make use of the small amount of flat wall I do have. It has definitely brightened up my room. :) 

I'll share some photos of the rest of my room here very soon. I was going to put them in this post too, but I took a ridiculous number of pictures so I'll save them for another day.


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