Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Films I Watched in July

I enjoy reading these monthly summary type blog posts by other bloggers. Most bloggers I follow tend to do this more for books, but I'm much more of a film watcher so I thought I'd start keeping track here of what I've seen in the previous month.

About a week ago, I re-activated my Lovefilm account for the first time in about 3 years. Now that I have that account again, I expect I'll watch many more films in future months than I have done this month. I feel like watching a lot these days partly because my TV currently doesn't have a working Freeview box so I'm not watching any TV at all, but more than anything, watching films is simply my favourite form of escapism (well, favourite after photography/art). :)

Since I watch so many, I'm not going to comment on every film I see, as that would take forever. I'm not going to write lengthy reviews either because I'm not terribly confident in my writing skills. (Besides, I had enough of over-analysing films doing Film Studies at uni, thankyou! :P).

I enjoyed all of the films I saw in July...

To Rome with Love (2012)  is made up of 4 separate stories of different people staying in Rome. It was probably the most disappointing film I watched this month, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it at all. I didn't really warm to any of the characters in this film, and it wasn't particularly funny either, (apart from Woody's character freaking out on the plane, but that was about it). However, I still enjoyed watching it to reminisce about places I visited in Rome. I think in future if I want to reminisce about the city I'll probably watch Roman Holiday again though. 

Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005) is a quirky comedy/drama about a lonely artist and a shoe salesman and the attraction that grows between them. I'd seen it once before several years ago, and on first viewing I hadn't thought that much of it, aside from liking certain scenes, such as the cute shoe scene.

I decided to watch it again, and this time I did enjoy it more. It is a little slow in places, but it's funny and quietly optimistic. It's definitely a film for watching when you're in a calm, reflective mood.

The Three Lives of Thomasina (1964) is a Disney film that I adored and insisted on renting numerous times from my local Odeon Video Shop (those were the days) when I was about 7, but I'd totally forgotten about its existence until recently. It's about a little girl, whose veterinarian father supposedly kills her beloved ginger cat, Thomasina. 

It is a slightly strange film, for example, there's a trippy bit when Thomasina goes to "cat heaven", but for the most part, it's quite gentle. I definitely enjoyed it a lot more when I was little, but it was fun to see it again after 20+ years(!) and Thomasina is still as cute as I remember. It's not on DVD in the UK, but it is on Youtube. If you a) like cats a lot and b) like cute children's films with happy endings, you'll probably like it. :D 

My Lucky Star (Ma bonne ├ętoile, 2012) (subtitled) is a beautiful French film about a young woman, living on a ranch in Normandy, who bonds with and trains a young mare.

This film made Normandy look so stunning, it's definitely now on my to-visit list. Because it was such a beautifully shot film, I think I would have enjoyed it better on a big cinema screen though, rather than on my tiny MacBook Air. I'd definitely recommend this movie, especially if you are fond of horses. I'm not particularly keen on them though, and I still enjoyed it. It was a tad predictable, but uplifting.

Lastly, all I want to say about Blue Valentine (2010) is do not watch it if you're feeling fragile about a doomed relationship, but do watch it if you are feeling fragile and in need of some quality wallowing. ;) 

I hope that this post was enjoyable to read, and a refreshing change from my usual Things I Love Thursday posts and babbles about photography related things. Well, even if you didn't enjoy it, I enjoyed writing it, so it looks like you're going to be stuck with these posts anyway :P


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