Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Paper Butterflies

These are the paper props I've been making lately. This image is actually a scan, which is my response to Libby's scan for Photo Tennis. It's also my entry for this week's Teleidoscope theme of "handmade props". 

I don't do as much scanography as I'd like to. I think it's such a fun idea and I'm surprised it isn't more popular than it is. My scanner is more than ten years old now, and it's so slow and the scans are not great quality, which is frustrating. It's definitely something I'll experiment with more in future when I get a new scanner. If you're interested in trying some scanography yourself, check out this Flickr group and this new-ish one, which is specifically for self-portrait scanography.

For the paper butterflies I didn't follow a tutorial or anything (mainly because I couldn't find a tutorial) but I came across this image in a Google search when I was looking for inspiration, and I liked how the random shapes were cut into the wings. I cut mine out using a pair of curved nail scissors that have a very fine point. They do hurt my hands quite a lot to cut out, so I've been making no more than 3 or 4 a day.

I've made a lot more of these butterflies and I hope to do a little series of different images using them as a prop which I'm going to put in this Flickr set. :) 

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