Sunday, 11 August 2013


..listening to nothing new lately. According to my lots of M83 (as always), The National and Ludovic Bource who composed the beautiful soundtrack to The Artist, which I re-watched this week. I adore that film!

..watching tonight I'll be watching a Japanese film called I Wish, which I'd wanted to see at the cinema, but missed.

..eating nothing right now as I'm going jogging in the park fairly soon, but after dinner, I will be eating a lot of sweet 'n' salty popcorn whilst I watch the film. I am a popcorn addict.

..drinking Robinson's peach and barley squash. It's one of my favourite cold drinks.

..photographing just the above photo, today. Hopefully, I'll be taking lots tomorrow though (see below why!)

..planning my Etsy shop. It's taking up a lot of my time at the moment. I'm really enjoying the whole process, a lot more than I did the first time I set up an Etsy shop, for some reason. 

..looking forward to going on a day trip with my mum tomorrow to a butterfly farm! I can't wait! :D I'm also looking forward to the return of my friend and jogging partner this week, Alice, who has been away on holiday. Jogging is certainly not as fun without her!


  1. I just added I Wish to my Watchlist on IMDB. I'm newly addicted to foreign films and often wonder why I waited so long to get into them. The last foreign film I watched was in theatre and it was The Hunt and it was absolutely tremendous. I highly recommend it!

    1. I Wish was quite sweet, but not as good as it had looked from the trailer, in my opinion. :-/ Still worth a watch though. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look it up! :D

      & thanks for stopping by!


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