Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fab Ice Lolly Nails: A Tutorial

As you may know, I recently started a little series of nail art inspired by ice lollies. I was excited to try Fab lolly nails, so I thought I'd make a tutorial so other people can try these out too. 

From doing a Google image search I'm not the only person who has attempted nails inspired by Fab lollies, so they're not totally original, but everyone does them slightly differently. This is how I did them.

Varnishes you'll need:

Max Factor Mini Coffee Brown (I had trouble finding a chocolate brown coloured varnish in my local Boots and Superdrug. This one was the perfect colour but not brilliant quality. It was very watery, so I recommend trying to find a better brown one)

The Method:

First things first, you'll need some kind of stickers to make the stripes. I do have striping tape but it's a very thin one that gives you results that are like this. For wider stripes, one option is to cut some strips of masking tape. However, if you don't want to bother with that (and I didn't!), one alternative is to get some of these great nail stickers and use the remaining middle section of the stickers to create slightly curved stripes. 

The stickers are awesome. Mine arrived the day after I ordered them, which is impressive. (I recommend getting the 3 for 2 offer because the other designs are so much fun to experiment with too!). ETA: Just realised those ones aren't in the 3 for 2, but these awesome ones all are! :)

When you have sorted out what you're going to use for the stripes, you need to start with the white polish. Do a second coat, and even a third if you need to, so it doesn't look streaky.

Allow that plenty of time to completely dry, or to speed things up (if you're impatient like me :P), add a coat of Seche Vite top coat a few minutes afterwards. That will make it all dry nicely in about 5 minutes, then you can carry on with the next bit straight away.

Next, you need to stick the strips of masking tape (or the stickers) on your nails to cover up the white vanilla section of the lolly. 

It is really important that you make sure the tape is on smooth and is tucked in at the sides of your nails to prevent any leaks of colour. (I've found that these stickers prevent leaks much better than masking tape too, which is another reason why I think they're the better option!)

You can now paint on your strawberry section...

..and your chocolate section.

Don't wait for them to dry. Peel off the tape really carefully, maybe about 10-20 seconds after you've painted it.

Woo hoo! You have pretty much done your Fab nails!

Wait maybe 5-10 minutes or so for the chocolate to dry a little, then add your sprinkles!

I think the Barry M confetti range is perfect for the sprinkles. I bought the Dolly Mixture one which has a nice mixture of blue, white, orange and yellow strands.

Finally, when it's all completely dry, add a top coat over the whole thing. :)

Clean up around the edges with...well, every nail blogger I follow says you should use pure acetone. I don't own any (yet) so I used a bit of standard varnish remover. I'm definitely going to get some pure acetone soon though because some colours, like the bright red, are very stubborn and difficult to remove.

You're done! :D Finally, enjoy a Fab to celebrate. ;D


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