Thursday, 1 August 2013

Things I Love Thursday

♥ getting my new camera, which I used yesterday for the above photo :) I went for the D3200. Even though it's really similar to the D3100, it feels a bit weird in my hands at the moment. The buttons feel stiff and a few things on it are different to the D3100, like the exposure scale on the screen has the plus and minus the other way around, which is confusing, and some of the buttons are in different places. I'm sure I will get used to it soon though.

♥ coconut water, which I tried after Erin mentioned that it's amazing to have after a run. It's lovely, and feels very good for me too :D

Barry M Gelly guava nail paint. It's such a bold and gorgeous colour, I keep staring at my nails and admiring the super shininess. :D The whole Barry M Gelly collection is too awesome, I want them all. The next one on my wishlist is key lime.

♥ ordering some of these nail stickers that Kaylah showcased on her blog the other day. I'd been considering buying some for ages since they don't cost much. I really like this particular design, so I thought I'd finally try them out.

this list cracked me up! Number 11 put the hugest smile on my face. 

♥ re-designing this blog a little :) I'm in the process of making new photos for it. Hopefully, it'll all be done very soon.

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