Monday, 4 November 2013


I saw this on Laura's blog, and couldn't resist writing one too. Here's the obligatory photo of me when I was little. :)


I've never been a big reader, always preferring to watch films or make up stories myself. My dad would read me a lot of stories too and do all the voices, hehe. However, when I was a bit older I did love Jacqueline Wilson books! My favourite was always The Bed and Breakfast Star.


I watched a lot of TV growing up. My absolute favourite show was Sooty and Co. Some of my other favourites were Old Bear, Paddington, Raggy Dolls, The Animals of Farthing Wood, Woof, Harry's Mad, The Queen's Nose, Muppet Babies, Winnie the Pooh, The Borrowers, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Demon Headmaster, The Girl from Tomorrow, and Dr Who.


When I was really little I listened to Disney songs a lot, as well as the music from Swan Lake, and Peter and the Wolf. One of the first cassettes I ever bought myself was a single called Doop by Doop. It was a Dutch techno song, of all things, lol, which was number 1 for a while in 1994. I also loved Abba and Ace of Base. Mostly, I liked particular songs rather than groups, so I always bought those mix cassettes like "Now 1994" and "Huge Hits '95".


I was never into comics. My favourite magazine was Farthing Wood Friends magazine, which was so great! I also collected a slightly geeky magazine called Treasures of the Earth, which was all about different rocks and gemstones and came with different samples of them to collect in a display box. When I was a little older, I got Smash Hits, TV Hits, Top of the Pops and Live and Kicking magazines. Smash Hits was always the best of those, though!


I was a total film addict as a kid, always wanting to watch my favourites again and again. My favourite above everything else was Return to Oz. :D I would rent it several times a year from the Odeon video shop. I have no idea why my parents didn't just buy me a copy! I also loved The Secret Garden, The Three Lives of Thomasina, The Adventures of Milo and Otis (which I have since discovered got in a lot of trouble for horrific animal cruelty, which is very upsetting), Watership Down, Babe, The Railway Children, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Little Women, Dumbo, Home Alone, Beethoven, and Anne of Green Gables (the TV movie). Thinking about it, a lot of these are still my favourite films. :P


My brother had a Commodore 64 an Amstrad, then an Amiga 1200. My absolute favourite game on the Amiga was Superfrog! 

It was amazing and very cute. Generally, I liked cute platform games, like Silly Putty (yes, based on that plasticine stuff you could buy!), and Alfred Chicken.


Playing with (and arguing with) my brother, playing with friends, watching videos and TV, collecting cat ornaments, nagging my parents for a cat, collecting everything with Forever Friends bears on, collecting various cuddly toys (mainly bears), playing with my favourite toys (especially Polly Pockets, Pound Puppies and Sylvanian Families), going to Brownies, roller-skating everywhere, even in my bedroom, but pretending I was ice-skating because I thought it was brilliant and I was a big Torvill and Dean fan. :)


  1. Ahh so many memories - i still LOVE return to oz though it did slightly freak me out as a kid! And yes, Forever Friends.. i remember everyone having that on their pencil tins at school! Also loved all the TV shows you mentioned above - Sooty's van in the pic above is amazing! As were Ace of Base..x

    1. Return to Oz is pretty scary. I remember being terrified of the deadly desert, and Princess Mombi's head collection, eep!

      Haha, yes, I'm sure I had a couple of the FF pencil tins! :)


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