Friday, 6 December 2013

December Daily: Days 1-5

As I mentioned previously, I'm doing the December Daily project again that I did last year, except I'm not being so strict and I'm doing the themes in whatever order I feel like to make it easier. 

I'm enjoying it so far, although I'm already finding it quite tough to actually remember to take a photo every single day as my work/work commute is tiring me out a lot of the time, (and my short evenings are generally spent eating dinner and trying to tame my new hamster, lol) but, I'll plough on with it.

Here are my first 5 shots....

1. Advent

Happy, December :)

2. Outdoors

Red berries in the garden

3. Winter Clothes

Bear mittens!

4. Busy

I've been busy decorating my bedroom with various festive things!

5.  Warm

The first cup of tea of the day (in bed, of course)


  1. Yay :) I'll look forward to seeing the rest of your lovely pics :) Love those gloves!

  2. All so lovely! I definitely understand about not being able to take pictures like I want to. By the time I get out of work it's dark! I'm thinking I need to take a weekend day just for photography soon.

    1. It is definitely difficult when you're at working, or just busy all the time. Yep, I think the only solution is to actively make time for it, I'm trying hard to at the moment, even if it's only for 10 minutes a day to get one OK shot!


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