Monday, 30 December 2013

My Highlights of 2013

2013 was not the best year for me on the whole. However, lots of lovely things still happened. These were my favourite bits...

♥ getting my pet hamster, Simon! :D I still don't have any photos of the little guy. It's really hard because he's not totally tame yet, and where his cage is situated is in a very dimly lit area of the landing. I don't want to use the flash because I know it would scare him. I'll keep trying, though, maybe with a daylight lamp. Hopefully, I'll figure out the best way to photograph him soon. I can assure you he's absolutely adorable though, very friendly and very fluffy! (he's a long haired Syrian)

♥ leaving Nottingham and returning to my hometown of Birmingham! :D 

♥ getting my pet fish, Ducky and Petrie (named after the dinosaurs), in a lovely tank called a Fluval Chi. Petrie died, sadly, but Ducky seems fine. I might get her a new friend next year.

♥ being an RSPB volunteer for a while whilst I was living in Nottingham

♥ visiting Cambridge for a few days with my mum, especially, visiting the University Botanic Garden

♥ starting going running regularly with m'colleague, Alice. We haven't been able to go for several weeks because of my work schedule, but I'm sure we'll start again soon.

♥ speaking of Alice, getting to spend lots of time with her since moving back to Birmingham.

♥ taking many photos :D

♥ choosing my new photography name, Blown A Wish, re-designing this blog and opening an Etsy shop.

Blown A Wish Etsy Shop

♥ starting a "Photo Tennis" style photography project with Libby! We managed 28 photos each during the course of the year, not bad at all! :D 

♥ reaching 100 photos with Getty!

♥ getting my new camera, a Nikon D3200. It wasn't a huge step up from the D3100, but it was the only one I could afford when my D3100 died, and it is fine for now. I'm just happy to have a working one.

♥ getting the lens I'd wanted for ages, the 50mm f/1.4 :D

♥ having my photo on the ads for the Flickr iPhone App!

♥ making the Flickr blog, twice! (here and here)

♥ shooting lots of film! My 52 weeks of film project has gone out of the window, unfortunately, but I'm glad it still got me shooting more film for a while.

♥ trying out the LomoChrome Purple film. I love this film! I definitely need to use it more in the new year (especially, since I pre-ordered another batch which I think is due to arrive in February!)

♥ creating some fun nail art designs, particularly my series of ice lolly nails over the summer. I haven't done much nail art for quite some time, sadly, but hope to get properly back into it in the new year.

♥ discovering the awesomeness of The Office (US), which I'm now a bit obsessed with.

♥ re-discovering the awesomeness of Twin Peaks, which I'm now extremely obsessed with. :D

♥ visiting Stratford Butterfly Farm. 

♥ going to see Suede with Jo! 

♥ visiting the Christmas market in Birmingham with Fliss!

♥ getting a visit from Libby on my birthday!

♥ going to see The Nutcracker with my mum :)


  1. Went to see Suede, too! My biggest highlight of the year!!

  2. We should definitely see another gig (or more) in 2014 :D


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