Tuesday, 21 January 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 15-21

Here are my photos from the last 7 days. Lately, I keep leaving my photo until the evening. I want to get out of that habit next week since I, generally, much prefer taking photos in natural daylight. I've been in a lazy mood, I suppose...


15. A Flower

On this day, I set out to take a photo of something very different on a plain background, but it didn't work out at all, so a change of plan was needed. I dug into my craft box and found these sweet little flower sequins, which I bought when I was really into making cards about ten years ago(!) and never used.


16. Snowflake House Lantern

My mum keeps this in the kitchen. It came with these special candles that are meant to get rid of fish smells when you cook smelly fish. I don't think they work, but I love the little house. I think I'll have to photograph this again sometime, it's just as pretty in daylight without a candle burning inside it.


17. Playtime

I left my photo a bit late in the day (11pm, oops) so I took another one of little Simon in the bathtub again, enjoying his late evening runaround. I really must photograph him on a different towel next time, instead of that ugly old one, lol.


18. City Love

I took this from the bottom of our garden which overlooks the centre of Sutton Coldfield. This is my favourite shot of the week.


19. Pine Cone


20. Butterfly Silhouette

One last photo of one of my paper butterflies. I've started making some new paper props for photos, but they'll take me a while to finish.


21. Camera Shelf

One of the shelves of cameras above my desk. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, that city love shot....stunning! I love them all, but that one is also my favourite. You're so talented!


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