Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Etsy Shop Updates

A few things about my Etsy...

I've re-stocked my shop this week with the pretty blue and lilac postcard set and the pretty floral postcard setIn a few weeks time, I hope to start adding a new selection of 6x4" prints. I'm planning to add them slowly, about one a week/fortnight. :)

I've had to increase the international shipping cost from £2 to £3. Unfortunately, the Royal Mail online postage estimator got things very wrong when I first chose the costs for my shop. I'm sure I'd measured the envelopes and weighed them correctly, so I don't know how it got it so wrong. But, £2 definitely isn't enough to send things abroad, so, sorry about that. 

Finally, I decided I'm not going to mention discount codes for my shop in the Etsy shop announcement banner anymore. I'll only mention them here, and on Twitter, and Flickr. I've noticed if I announce them on Etsy, people don't seem to read them/use them anyway, so I may as well only announce them to the lovely people who read my blog and tweets etc. If you would like something, it's always worth checking my recent blog posts or my tweets first to see if I've offered a discount because I do so fairly often. The current code "WINTERSALEYAY" for a massive discount of 25% ends on the 10th January!

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