Friday, 31 January 2014

♥ Flickr Friday ♥

the sun won't set

I always like seeing "Flickr Friday" posts on other photography blogs, so thought I'd try them too. I'll share one photo here on my blog each week that has particularly caught my eye, and some links to others that I love too.

♥ The above photo is a double exposure called the sun won't set by Jessica Islam Lia. It really is stunning, so beautifully composed and I love the peachy colours. Jessica has a beautiful photostream and it's all worth checking out. I'm also fond of another photo of hers called now I'm winter. So lovely!

♥ This photo by William Snellbaker I spotted on the Flickr blog recently is so gorgeous. I love the unusual focusing in it and photos of snow are always a winner with me. It inspired me to have a play with manual focusing from my bedroom window when we got a sprinkling of snow here yesterday morning.

♥ Another snowy one I'm loving this week is this self-portrait by Heather. In truth, it's near impossible to pick a favourite from her stream because every photograph is amazing, but I definitely like her cinematic landscape style photos best. I love how she puts herself on the edge of the frame here, making you wonder where she's going.

♥ I really like this collection of feathers by Cassia Beck. I never seem to find such interesting feathers.

♥ Finally, here's another double exposure I spotted on Flickr's Explore this week by John Hanson. It's almost a little bit creepy, but very beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed that selection! :) 


  1. Ooo really great idea to start a Flickr Friday! This is my first time actually hearing of this, but it's a great idea.



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