Monday, 6 January 2014

My January Wishlist

It's been ages since I shared a wishlist here. There's not much of a theme with this one, it's a random selection of pretty things I'm currently lusting after. :)

Click on the image to view it larger :)

1. Polar Bear Necklace from finestimaginary on Etsy This is so cute, and would be great for wearing during winter.

2. Follow Your Dreams Plaque from Sass and Belle I am impatiently waiting for this to come back into stock so I can get one for my bedroom. :)

3. Butterfly Craft Punch from hellokittytrend2011 on eBay. How gorgeous is this butterfly craft punch?! I've already got a butterfly punch but mine creates only a simple butterfly shape (like I used for this photo). I don't think I've ever seen such detailed punches as these in craft shops in the UK. These ones ship from Hong Kong.

4. Navy Flocked Bird Jumper from Dorothy Perkins Simple, and pretty! 

5. Disaster Designs Bohemia Butterfly Satchel from Lisa Angel (and various other online shops) I'm in love with the design of this satchel. It's insanely pretty! I love how the butterflies are only stitched on down the middles, so their wings flap about. :D

6. Square Lace Design Drawer Box from Evolution. I was very tempted to get one of these whilst working at Evolution over Christmas again. Realistically, I have nowhere to put this anyway, but £14 is such a bargain. If I had somewhere to display it, I'd definitely get one. It would be very useful for keeping jewellery or stationery in.

7. Small Animal Rainbow Bridge from Rosewood on Amazon. I'm 110% certain Simon would love this! It would really brighten up his cage too. :D

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