Tuesday, 4 February 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 29-35

I'm, finally, all better now and starting to enjoy photography more again. Here are my photos from the last week...


29. So Snug

I was still a bit sick and stayed at home. I love my boot slippers.


30. First Snow of Winter

We got a sprinkling! Hooray! Although, it didn't last long, and didn't settle. :( I'm longing for real snow and frost. This photo was taken from my bedroom window. It's a shot of our neighbour's garden.


31. Glug Glug

Simon enjoying a drink after his evening runaround in the bathtub. I really can't get over how adorable he is.


32. Cherry Blossom Cake

Bought from the Cherry Blossom Bakehouse in Wylde Green.


33. Self

This is my response to Libby's photo in our Photo Tennis project!

This is my favourite shot of the week. I don't usually go for black and white at all, but this image didn't work in colour.


34. Blossom Tangle

I went on a day trip to Cheltenham on this day with my mum. We're doing some fun day trips this week and next week, to make up for the fact that we didn't get to take a holiday in January like we'd planned (certain events got in the way). In Cheltenham, we visited the lovely art gallery, I had a delicious panini and a Crunchie cupcake (yum!), and we wandered around the shops. I spotted some pink blossom. It seems so early in the year for blossom!


35. Printers Drawer

In Cheltenham, we went to an awesome shop called Tiger. I'd read about Tiger on Burkatron only the other day. It's a Danish chain that sells homeware, accessories, stationery, art stuff, all sorts of things, and all super cheap. It was such a fun shop to browse. I bought some cake sprinkles, and this purple "printers drawer" shelving display for my bedroom. It came with the patterns in each section, but you can remove the whole back and put in your own patterns or pictures. It's a great little space to safely keep my Danbo, Fisheye Baby and other things. :D I would gladly go back to Cheltenham just to visit that shop again, it was so fab!


  1. Your photos are lovely :) Especially like Blossom Tangle.
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  2. Those blossoms are beautiful! Can't wait until we see those here (months away, I'm sure...sigh). Your hamster is so cute <3


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