Sunday, 9 February 2014

Cake Pops!


Yesterday, I decided to attempt cake pops! I've been meaning to make them for a few years, actually. The other day I was in Lakeland with my mum, and as she had a voucher for some money off, I decided to buy a cake pop mould, and some lolly sticks, so I could finally give them a go.

The mould came with a recipe for plain vanilla cake pops. The recipe was enough to nearly fill the mould twice! 

The trouble with this mould is you can only test them by poking a cocktail stick (or cake tester) in the holes to see if they're done. You can't look at them to see if they're brown, as you have to leave them in the mould until they're cool. I baked the first batch for 15 minutes and the results were mixed. The ones around the edges of the mould were fine, but I had to throw away a few from the middle that I'd overfilled and I wasn't sure they were completely cooked.

Here's a shot of the best ones from the first batch, which were cooked, but pale, and not a very smooth texture.

I put less mixture in the second batch, and baked them for around 19 minutes. The mixture had also been in the fridge for about half an hour whilst I was working on the first batch. The second batch came out so much better! They have a much smoother finish and were more of a healthy golden brown in colour. 

And here they are with lolly sticks in, ready for dipping! It's important to dip the sticks in chocolate/melted candy before you put them in the cake pops, otherwise, they'll just fall off.

I chose to coat mine with white chocolate, instead of buying candy melts. I used a white chocolate from Aldi, which was really cheap and melts very well compared to some other white chocolates. I used my Chocolatiere to melt it (also from Lakeland). I've had this thing for about ten years. I got it for making chocolate fondue, but it's useful whenever I bake with chocolate.

Decorating them was very messy, but fun. The chocolate ran down the sticks and, basically, went everywhere!

I used a selection of different sprinkles and edible glitters.

They took forever to set, probably, because our house is so warm with the central heating on. Maybe, they'd be better off setting in the fridge, but there's no way I could fit them in ours. I left mine out overnight last night, and by this morning, they had set.

Would I make these again? Hell, yes! :D I'm also curious to try an entirely different method of making cake pops, which I've read about in my copy of Pop Bakery. With that method, you don't need a mould, you bake a regular big chocolate cake, then break it up, mix it with some cream cheese and roll it into balls by hand. Definitely sounds fun too!


  1. So cute! These turned out really well. I tried the cream cheese method once, but it was far too sweet for my liking!

    1. oh that's a shame! I have a extremely sweet tooth so, maybe, I'd like them. I'll probably give them a go at some point!

  2. they look great and very decorative! i hope they were delicious!

    1. Thanks! :) They are very nice! there are still loads left!


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