Friday, 7 February 2014

♥ Flickr Friday ♥


Welcome to another Flickr Friday where I share with you some lovely finds from the Flickrverse. :)

The above photo is by Carolyn Do. It's such a pretty photo. I love the soft focus on the flowers and bokeh of the sparklers. Carolyn's stream is definitely a favourite of mine on Flickr. Her photos are always bursting with colour and golden sunlight, plus, there are a lot of cat photos. You can never have too many cute kitty photos!

♥ This photo of two Cardinal birds in the snow by Steve Byland is perfect. They're such vibrant birds. It is on my bucket list to see a Cardinal bird in real life. 

♥ I love this shot of a woman photographing blossom by rufeng0758which I spotted in Explore. The composition, colours and depth of field are all so lovely, and her pink hat with the bow really completes the shot.

This valentines themed photo by Raelene Giffin is very cool. I love how the bright red shoes pop, and the heart streamers are so cute too.

♥ Last, but not least, this photo by Cat MacBride made me laugh!


  1. Those are some really beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing.

  2. i am always so bad at capturing photos in darkness, so this one impresses me so, so much. i love how magic the sparklers look like :)

    xo malren
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. What great snaps. As much as I like the humor with the chip, the cardinals get my full vote here!


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