Friday, 21 February 2014

♥ Flickr Friday ♥

Lovely Lights!

Time for another Flickr Friday post! Sorry, there wasn't one last week. I had left it too late to ask anybody's permission to share a photograph here. But, I do plan to do them as regularly as I can. :)

The gorgeous photo above is by Laura Conde. I really love every one of her photos. They all have such beautiful tones, and look really elegant. Another favourite of mine is this one, which I think is the most perfect photo of a simple autumn leaf I've ever seen.

♥ It was Libby Livermore who introduced me to the art of scanography. I'd never heard of it until I saw her scans, or at least, I wouldn't have thought to do it before! She has such creative ideas for them. This one of these brightly coloured flowers is so cheery.

♥ This photo entitled Dreamscape by Elizabeth Gadd is stunning. The colours are so rich, and all those lights look incredibly beautiful. I bet it was an amazing place to do a photoshoot. All of Elizabeth's photos are mind-blowing. I love this one called The Leaf Thief, too.

This photo by Anna Gawlak is amazing. I have no idea where it was taken, but I'd love to go there. She looks so small in comparison to those mountains. Another photo of hers I love is this one of falling snow. I love the tiny flakes and the light looks magical.

♥ Finally, how adorable is this photo of dogs in a window?! It's by Mae Hogan. I think it would make my day to walk past a house and see such a cute scene!


  1. you always find the best and most inspiring photos!


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