Sunday, 2 February 2014

My February Wishlist

1. Enjoy the little things mug from Sass and Belle. This is one of my mottos for life, therefore, I need it on a mug. ;)

2. Hand painted wooden brooches from TheTwentyFingers on Etsy. I will definitely order some of these very soon. :D You can pick 3 designs from a huge choice (if you read the listing, there are links to others you can choose too), and they're all so sweet, and a reasonable cost, even with postage from Russia. I will, certainly, pick number 62, and number 4, but I'm undecided for my 3rd choice. 

3. Blue tit necklace by Layla Amber on Etsy. I will forever want everything this lady makes, it's all beautiful. But, I am really fond of blue tits, so this necklace is high up on my wishlist.

4. Camper van toaster from Lakeland. I'm not normally keen on all the camper van stuff you can buy. But, I saw this in my local Lakeland and it really looks so awesome. The photo doesn't do it justice. The shape of the van is too perfect for a toaster and it's a really nice shade of light blue as well. If I had my own kitchen, I'd get one for sure!

5. Flamingo socks from New Look. Aw! :D

6. Liberty London Dr Martens. These came out ages ago and I'm still lusting after them. I'm not sure they're available in many places, but I found a pair on eBay. They would be so great for summer. Why I'm thinking about summer in February I've no idea, but there you go.

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