Tuesday, 18 March 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 71-77

My photos from this week aren't terribly exciting, but that's the way it goes, sometimes.


71. Pictures on my wall

On this day, I received a wonderful surprise parcel from Asja. :D It contained many things, including her "You are an amazing photographer" illustration, which went straight up on my wall. I love the camera's cute, dorky expression, and the fact that it very closely resembles a Golden Half camera. :D


72. Holly in golden hour

There are not many spots in our garden that get evening sunlight. Most of it is too shaded by trees, but I managed to find a bit.


73. Promarkers

I had a browse in TK Maxx with my mum. I found a lovely Limited Edition set of Promarkers that were a bargain! I'd wanted some Promarkers for a few years, so I decided to get them. They're so smooth to draw with, I'm completely hooked. :)


74. Sunset

The sky was such a gorgeous mixture of colours, I had to take a photo.


75. Tiny Hearts

Testing my new pens. :) This is my favourite shot of the week.


76. Spring Bouquet


77. With bouncing soles

On a different note, one of my photos has been featured in Issue 7 of Télégramme magazine. :) It's an online film photography/art magazine. This photo I took in Nottingham Arboretum with my Sunny Juice Box camera was featured in the section called The Birds & The Bees. If you have a moment, do go check out the magazine because it has lots of beautiful shots in it and a lot of hard work has gone into putting it together. They also have a Flickr group where you can submit shots for consideration for the magazine. :)


  1. Lovely pics! I love view your "2014 Photo A Day" posts :) your project es really beautiful!

  2. You always impress me with your weekly photos! Honestly I would run out of creativity in a matter of weeks, but every single week your photographs continue to be amazing. So much Talent!

    1. thank you, Jess! :D believe me, some days it is SUCH a struggle to think of anything to photograph :P


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