Tuesday, 25 March 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 78-84

This week, I started a new job. Well, actually, I've gone back to a job I'd had once before. It's in a chocolate shop. I'm very happy about it because I enjoyed it there before. The location is so convenient for me, too. I'm pretty sure that I won't be half as tired out as I was during my Christmas job in the centre of Birmingham, so *fingers crossed* I won't have too much trouble keeping up with my daily photos.


78. She's filled with secrets

This is my response to Libby's photo for our Photo Tennis Project!

Yes, we're both Twin Peaks fans and have the same fab brooch from Kate Rowland on Etsy. :D


79. Epic Heart Doodle


80. Easter Decorations

I really liked how my Christmas Decorations shot turned out, so thought I'd try an Easter one in the same style. This is my favourite shot of the week.


81. Cushion Covers

My collection of cushion covers from Society6 is growing. They offer free shipping and $5 off the products so often these days, I'm always tempted to get more! I have fly me to the moon by Asja Boros, Another point of view by Börg, and, of course, Simon and a yoghurt drop by me (well, how could I resist that cute little face?! :P).


82. Prickly

A prickly looking plant in golden hour. 


83. Horizon

Another view from my bedroom. I love living on a hill, and in an attic room, the views are great. :)


84. Popcorn

I ordered a new scanner, and it arrived today! :D As I was enjoying a snack, I thought I'd try scanning it (as you do). The popcorn itself doesn't scan brilliantly, but I still quite like this. I'll definitely be trying out more scanography in my 365 from now on. It's a fun change from using a camera all the time.


Just a reminder, incase anyone wants any 6x4" prints, there's still a "buy one, get one free" offer in my Etsy shop. :) It ends 8pm (GMT) on Sunday.


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always! Love the pillow covers you've chosen - The one of simon is soooo cute!

  2. Loved catching up with your pics :) Loving that heart print you've made...you must have a lot of patience :)

    1. Thanks, Helen :D I have patience when it comes to certain things (arty things) not so much with normal everyday stuff though ;)


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