Thursday, 27 March 2014

My March Wishlist

Here is my, slightly late, March wishlist! It, unintentionally, has a bit of a pink theme this month.

1. Models Own Speckled Eggs Dove. I love this new range of springtime polishes inspired by speckled eggs. I'm hoping I'll find them in Boots in Birmingham next time I look.

2. Tatty Devine Flamingo Earrings.  These are completely adorable. I had a pair of similar pink plastic flamingo earrings from H&M a few years ago, but I lost one of them. They weren't as pretty and detailed as these ones though.

3. Melamine two-toned Pink Flower Print cup by Rice. Rice is a Danish designer and they do the prettiest sets of patterned cups, plates and bowls ever. There are lots of different designs and I can't really make my mind up which ones I like best. They're all gorgeous.

4. Vintage rose Dr Martens. I do not need another pair of Dr Martens, but these are so lovely.

5. Woodland rabbit fairy lights from Dot Com Gift Shop. I have the large rabbit light that matches these. They are extremely cute. :)

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