Monday, 10 March 2014

New Portfolio Site!

I recently signed up to Portfolio Box, and have created myself a new portfolio. I'm sticking with the free version for now, so I'm limited to 40 uploads, but personally, for a portfolio I think that's plenty. I highly recommend the site if you're after a free, simple photography/design/art portfolio. I've found it relatively straight-forward to use, and I'm pretty clueless about web design!

Speaking of web design, I've replaced my chalkboard buttons today with new little cloud ones, yay! I wasn't too keen on the chalkboards after I removed my old chalkboard banner. I've also added a link to my new website on the right, and a link to my 2014: Photo A Day project on the left. :)


  1. awesome! i'll go and check out your new portfolio!

  2. The purple clouds look adorable, Deb! I'm glad you re-designed your blog. Anyway, your new portfolio looks amazing. The conceptual photographs definitely has a story to tell. You're such a creative and talented person. I'd love to see more, so do keep us posted. More power to you! :)

    Noah Stewart

  3. The free version isn’t actually that bad, and I even think it’s wise to have it. And as long as your works are showcased well, then things will be fine. Anyway, how are things doing with the site? I hope everything’s fine. Thanks for sharing the update with us, Deborah. Good luck on your future endeavors!

    Lee Swanson @ Your Marketing Crew


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