Tuesday, 22 April 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 106-112

This week did not start off well because I was sick and my temp job was very stressful in the run up to Easter. I had planned to do many more Easter themed photos, but never got around to them. 
Oh well, I'll have to save up my ideas for next year.


106. Ring

A macro shot of my favourite ring.


107. Photo Sorting

Drinking Lemsip and looking through my purple photos from the photo walk.


108. Buds


109. Reflected Sunset

Another view from my bedroom, and reflected in the velux window.


110. Easter Sunday

Some yummy eggs and a chick inside one of the adorable egg shaped bowls my mum found in TK Maxx. They have cute Easter illustrations inside them too, I'll have to photograph them again another time.


111. Flower Bed

One of the many flower beds in the garden.


112. Forget-me-nots

I'd been thinking that I'd like to do a little series of different pictures of forget-me-nots because they're my favourite flower. I already tried a macro, so thought I'd try a scan as well. This is my favourite picture of the week. :)


  1. Everytime you post flower photos I swoon! And tea photos :) Lovely photos as always Deb!


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