Tuesday, 1 April 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 85-91

There are rather a lot of flowers in this week's photos, but you can never have too many flowers. :)


85. White Blossom

We only have one small blossom tree in our garden. The pigeons tend to eat a lot of it, so here's a photo of it before they attack it.


86. Barry M

Some of my polish collection. :) The lilac one in the middle gets worn the most. I'm on my second bottle of that.


87. Paper Stars 

Thought I'd try scanning some of the paper stars I made for this photo.

I had some really good news on this day. Hopefully, I can share it fairly soon. I'm very excited about it. :D


88. Little Daffodils

This is my favourite shot of the week.


89. Grape Hyacinths

So many of these in our garden right now!


90. Spring Flower Lolly

I saw this in Next and thought it was adorable. Had to get one to photograph (and eat, obviously!)


91. Thirsty Simon

D'aww! Now that the days are now getting longer, Simon photos should become easier, as he often gets up during the early evening for a drink and some food. I love that you can really see his pretty colouring in these photos. Hooray for natural light :)


  1. Never! You can never have too many photos of flowers!! ;)

  2. Oh man, Simon makes me miss having a hamster! So cute. You look like a polish addict like me :)

    1. Hamsters are the cutest! :D & yes, you're definitely right about that :)

  3. such springy and cheerful photos this week :) Love them all!


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