Wednesday, 9 April 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 92-98

This week, I got some macro filters in the post, and so, most of the week's photos were taken experimenting with them. You can read my review of them here. :)


92. Photo An Hour

I took part in #1day12pics, which I blogged about here!


93. Water Bottle

My water bottle for taking to work and pretty much everywhere I go. It was from Paperchase.


94. Forget-me-nots

The macro filters arrived :)


95. Lip Balm Stain

Alice introduced me to lip balm stains by Revlon and I love them! I'm not a big fan of lipstick, but these are fab. They are so easy to apply, they last for hours, and they smell of peppermint. The shade of this one is honey.


96. Yellow

I've no idea what these tiny yellow flowers are, but I thought they were photogenic.


97. Macro Filter

Playing around with one of the new filters and some colourful buttons :) This is my favourite shot of the week.


98. Glittery

This is some glittery embossing powder for stamping. I haven't used it for years.


  1. Great photos, as usual. :) I especially love the macro filter, glitter and the water bottle.


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