Friday, 16 May 2014

Testing Minolta XG-M

I got back my photos that I took to test out my new Minolta camera body, and they seem fine. :) Hopefully, this camera will last me a lot longer than my X-300, which started to misbehave after only 6 months or so.

They are not the most exciting bunch of photos in the world. I rushed to shoot a roll in a day so that I could check it worked because the eBay seller I got it from only allowed a short time to get refunds. But, it seems fine, so it's definitely a keeper! Might have to try out some LomoChrome Purple in it soon and take it somewhere a bit more exciting than my local park, as I always seem to end up taking photos there (and often of the same views, lol).

The film I used is AGFA Vista 200ISO (Poundland film).

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