Tuesday, 29 July 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 204-210

Here are my pictures from the last 7 days!


204. More Sweet Peas


205. Tea Love

This is a scan :) I do love my tea, although I'm trying to cut down on black tea as it's so bad for the teeth


206. Slowdive

Listening to lots of Slowdive because I've booked a ticket to see them later this year! :D


207. Watercolour Sky


208. Beauty in the Negatives

This was inspired by a couple of photos I'd seen of shapes cut out of actual film, by Beth Retro and Camila Marchetti. It's my favourite photo from this week.


209. Next to his wheel

Simon had a go in his wheel after a snack of some frozen peas - his new favourite treat! I guess they are the hamster equivalent of an ice lolly :)


210. Grey, Green and Yellow


  1. Hey Deb! I've really enjoyed catching up with your photos!

    That button scan is so cool :) I also love that shot of the food for the risotto - it's all so beautifully arranged (food photography is something I'd like to try more of)! And that butterfly film shot is just s pretty - what a lovely idea!

    I've got quite a few photos to catch up on and not quite sure where to start!!

    1. Thanks, Helen! I'm glad you've enjoyed catching up :)

      Thanks! I'd like to do more food photography too, but, it's not always convenient when you just want to tuck in. Photographing the ingredients is definitely a good way around that problem ;)

      Looking forward to seeing all your new pictures! :D x


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