Thursday, 24 July 2014

Photo Tennis Update

I just realised that it's been over a year(!) since I last posted an update here of the Photo Tennis self-portraiture project Libby and I are doing. It's time to rectify that!

In case you aren't familiar with how it works, it's an ongoing project in which we bounce off each other's ideas by picking an aspect of each other's photo that we like, and using that to inspire our own (such as the colour, pattern, object, location or concept). There's no time frame to it, so we take the next photo whenever we like. We're now almost 19 months into the project, and between us we've taken 75 photos! 

I'm still enjoying the project very much, even though it often takes me a long time to think of an idea. Well, the problem is often that I have several completely different ideas and it takes me forever to settle on one, lol.

Here are some of my favourites since my last update...


(Libby responded to the focus on feet in my photo)







All photos are © and you can see the whole project here on our Tumblr! :)

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