Wednesday, 6 August 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 211-217

Another week of pictures...


211. Favourite Satchel


212. Dramatic

I spent this day in Leamington visiting Shazia (and her cats!), but didn't take a camera, so I took another last minute sunset from my bedroom when I got home.


213. Pictures and Postcards

Various things currently on my wall. Yes, that is a very large hamster on the London Eye :D


214. Earrings

My earring holder is totally full, so a few of my earrings are currently living in this dish. I'm planning to make myself a new earring holder which will hold them all (I hope!)


215. Fragile

Many of the petals have fallen off these flowers, but I thought they still looked pretty blowing in the wind.


216. Alphabet Beads


217. Hamster Calendar

The hamster this month is extremely cute! :D

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