Tuesday, 19 August 2014

2014 Photo A Day: Days 225-232

Time for another photo catch-up!


225. Doodling

This is a macro shot using one of my Polaroid filters :)


226. Apples Growing


227. Dark Skies


228. New Toy Excitement

Simon's birthday! Blogged here! :)


229. Lazy

A lazy photo on a lazy Sunday afternoon after going out for Thai food for lunch. I was extremely sleepy after eating so much, so this was all I could manage. :P


230. Bright Idea

This is similar-ish to a couple of scans I did before here and here


231. Plums

Plums from the garden, ripening by the kitchen window. Even though, I guess it's kind of a boring subject (and I don't actually like plums), this is my favourite photo of the week. :)

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