Saturday, 16 August 2014

Looking Forward to Autumn Wishlist

Late autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year, and I really love autumn/winter clothing (boots! hats! jumpers! yay!), so it's this time of year that I start doing a lot of browsing as the clothes I like start to appear in the shops.

Here's my first autumn wishlist (probably, the first of many)... :) 

1. I love these new Vintage Garden Dr Martens. I pretty much would like to have all the floral DMs in existence, but I really like the colours on this pair :)

2. This dotty bird jumper from Yumi is so cute. It comes in black too.

3. I would like to buy all of Layla Amber's beautiful creations, but this hedgehog necklace is currently top of my wishlist.

4. This skirt from H&M is a lovely autumnal colour.

5. Yes, more hedgehogs! This time, with mushrooms, on socks from New Look.

6. One of several Nirvana t-shirts I've seen around recently. I like how a lot of 90s fashion seems to be having a bit of a comeback lately. I can't actually get away with wearing oversized t-shirts since I'm a very short person, they look too enormous on me, but, if I were taller, I'd definitely wear them!


  1. Oooh, I love those DMs too, such gorgeous colours! :)

    1. I had a feeling you'd like them too :) they are so very pretty!


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