Thursday, 14 August 2014

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Lush! and their cheesy videos :D 90s music will always be my favourite era.

♥ making the little improvements to my Etsy store. I am much happier with how it looks now, even though I only made small changes.

♥ Girls (as in the HBO show!) Lena Dunham is awesome. I'm looking forward to her book.

♥ the return of the Great British Bake Off! I loved watching the "show stopper" challenge this week. The dragon one was amazing!

♥ seeing a hedgehog in our garden :D I only saw her/him briefly, but I'm crossing my fingers she/he'll come back sometime.


  1. I've heard that hedgehogs love woodpiles as habitat - and that they like to eat bananas! Hope you see it again :-)

    1. Thanks for the tip! Haven't seen it again yet :( Maybe, it's for the best since we get a lot of foxes in our garden


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