Thursday, 25 December 2014

#1day12pics (Photo an hour!)

Happy Christmas, all! :) I thought I'd take a break from my "favourite photos of 2014" posts to share some festive photos.


I haven't joined in with #1day12pics for months, but I thought it would be fun to do so today! My day has been very quiet and chilled, so they're not the most exciting photos in the world, but they sum up my day pretty well.

9am. Some presents from my parents!

10am. Enjoying some chocolate panettone (yummy!) and a cup of coffee, whilst watching some classic Mr Bean on Comedy Central.

11am. Time for a bath and to test out some of the lovely smelling bath salts I got from Libby! 

12am. A silly Christmas Selfie :P

1pm. Lunchtime! Veggie sausages for me this year because I stopped eating meat.

2pm. Lots of Christmas cards on the piano

3pm. My mum lit the candles on the spinning nativity decoration in the living room. 

4pm. Went for a short walk in the rain, then had a cup of tea and some chocolate, and played some Christmas carols.

5pm. Candy cane time!

6pm. Trying on some pretty new pyjama bottoms, as chosen by my mum  :)

7pm. Miranda time!

8pm. Well, I was hoping to end with the hamster but he is not awake yet! So here are a few decorations on the tree. :)


  1. Yay! Lovely glimpse into your day :D x

    1. Thank you! your festive photo an hour post inspired me to do another :) I really enjoyed doing one on Christmas Day - I might make it a little future tradition! x


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