Thursday, 22 January 2015

Things I Love Thursday


I keep meaning to get back into the habit of writing these gratitude lists, so here's mine for this week...

♥ New colourful bedding ♥ Learning to play Under The Sea on my saxophone ♥ Meeting Alice for shopping and fish & chips ♥ Planning a re-design of my blog ♥ Free nail varnish ♥ Going to see the exhibition of Willard Wigan's incredible needle eye art at the Library of Birmingham, and getting to see him in person! It was fascinating to hear him speak about his work and how he became famous. Even though I'd seen countless photographs of his work online before, seeing it for real blows your mind! ♥ 


  1. I love that patchwork, it's beautiful and so colourful!

    1. :D thanks! it's a duvet cover so it's pretend patchwork, but it looks quite realistic!


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