Sunday, 22 February 2015

Etsy Closing Down Sale

Just a quick post to say I've decided to close my Etsy shop at the end of March. It isn't really worth my keeping it open anymore and in future I'm not sure I want to have to visit the Post Office quite so often (I've been getting rid of things on eBay and Amazon in recent months and I feel a bit sick of going all the time!). I will keep my Society6 open if anyone wants any prints or anything. :)

Until it closes, I'm offering a 25% discount on everything (except custom orders) with the code CLOSINGDOWNSALE. Simply enter it at checkout. 

It will close on March 31st. Some of the listings are due to expire before then and I won't be renewing any of them.

Thanks again to everyone who bought things from me :)


  1. oh, i know going to post office all the time can be a hassle :) but it might be a good timing to close it since etsy is changing from private to publicly traded company, basically regular corporation so they will be probably make some sucky changes soon anyways...

    1. Yes, I forgot to mention that. That's another reason why it seems a good idea to close it! I think I will stick with Society6 from now on.


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