Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Every Other Day 2015: Week 5

You might have noticed that this week I gave my blog a little makeover! I had the old blue polka dot/butterfly design for around 18 months and I felt in need of a change. I also wanted to de-clutter it by cutting down on the number of buttons I had down the sides. I've deleted the 'Blogroll' page entirely, and the links to my contact info, Twitter and Getty stuff are now on the 'About Me' page. I'm happy with this new cheerful starry look, plus having a wider area for my actual blog posts means I can post larger photos! :)

So, here are this week's...


15. Light Snow Shower

Testing my new remote in a light snow shower. I got a new remote a few weeks ago, and only got around to testing it out properly on this day. It's so good! I hope this one lasts a long time because I'm pretty fed up of shopping around for them.


16. Fruit Bouquet

My dad received this. It's from Fruitful Occasions. We'd already eaten some of it when I took the photo - it was HUGE!


17. Chocolate Bears

From Betty's


18. Polyanthus (5/52 for 52 Flowers in 2015)

Found near the cathedral in Birmingham city centre.

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