Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Saxophone Strap

I wanted to share a few pictures of my wonderful new saxophone strap from Motif Designs on Etsy.

I badly needed a decent neck strap because the one that came with my saxophone is really poorly made. It's very narrow and was digging into my neck. It was very uncomfortable to play after about half an hour. It also has a silly flimsy plastic hook instead of a secure fastening, which is such a stupid design for a beginner's sax because you could easily drop your sax and damage it.

This new strap is absolutely brilliant! It is so much more comfortable because it's wider, so it spreads out the weight of the sax. It has a strong metal clasp too so I have no more fears about dropping my sax.

There are lots of funky designs available in the shop but I liked this simple chevron one best. Anything chevron makes me think of Twin Peaks! (which reminds me, I must learn how to play the Dance of the Dream Man, hehe).

It's a great shop if you need a custom strap for a sax, or other instrument, and they also sell matching polishing cloths and neck cushions.

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