Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Shooting Flowers Vertically

I thought I'd share this mosaic of my first 6 photos from the 52 Flowers of 2015 project. As you can see I'm shooting them all vertically rather than horizontally. It was not a conscious decision until a couple of weeks ago when I glanced at the set on Flickr and thought they looked neat all being the same orientation, so I've decided to stick with it.

Even though I take a fair number of photos vertically, I shoot horizontally 70% of the time, and generally I feel more confident taking photos that way around. I expect that many photographers feel the same since it's more natural to hold the camera horizontally. I'm hoping that by shooting these flower shots all vertically, it might help me to feel a little more confident about turning the camera on its side more often.

Once I have taken all 52 photos, I may have to get them all printed and display them together somehow. I'll have to think of a creative way to do so. :)

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