Sunday, 29 March 2015

Double Exposures Collaboration With Asja

A while ago, Asja and I decided to do a film photography double exposures experiment. We both used our Superheadz Wide and Slim cameras. I shot my photos on the roll of film first, then rewound it and posted it to Asja to shoot on top of mine. 

The results were very mixed, as you would expect. It was a fun thing to try though. I keep meaning to take more double exposures. Some of my Lomography cameras make it very easy to do them (such as the Fisheye 2, which has a special button for it), but I often forget to use the feature.

Here are my favourites from our experiment. I live in Birmingham, UK, and Asja lives in Zagreb, Croatia, so it's interesting to see our different locations blended together.

The school appears to be in the sky ;) 


  1. They look great on your blog! It was a fun experiment for sure!

  2. :D It has motivated me to try doing more double exposure experiments by myself!


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