Friday, 6 March 2015

♥ Flickr Friday ♥

About a year ago I began a "Flickr Friday" series of posts in which I shared some of my recent favourites, but the series quickly became a hassle. Even though I only ever shared one photo by someone else on my blog, it was so difficult to find even one person who hadn't disallowed sharing, and then messaging people on Flickr to ask permission became a bit of a chore too. The series went out of the window after a few weeks, unfortunately.

But, I miss sharing some of my Flickr favourites so I'm going to attempt to bring it back only I won't share any actual photos by anyone else here, just the links. I'm not sure if I'll manage this every Friday. I might make it an every other week thing, but I'll see how it goes...

♥ I'm kind of obsessed with all of Jaimie Wylie's photos. They are all so stunningI But, I do love this recent double exposure style one called Veins. She has the most gorgeous tones and colours in her photos I have ever seen. She takes the most beautiful shots of animals too. I really love this one called Deer Magic.

♥ I love the composition of this exquisitely pretty photo by Heather. I have a real soft spot for snow themed photos, but I love all of Heather's photos and she's a photographer whose stream I always check for new uploads. I love how she never shows her face. It makes her images very relatable. Another of my favourites by her is this truly epic photograph. It would make an amazing huge print!

♥ I can totally imagine this image by Tia Liu on a book cover. The light and colours are gorgeous and the movement of her hair perfects it.

♥ This baking themed photo by Jasna Bužimkić is really fun and perfectly composed, and like all of her pictures it has her lovely, signature blue-ish tones.

♥ This picture by Eugenie.A is so delicate, light and pretty.

♥ I can't resist sharing this one by my lovely Photo Tennis buddy, Libby Livermore. The concept is so clever, and I love all those twinkly stars and the red-ish tones. Plus, it's the final photo of Libby's seventh(!) consecutive year of self-portrait 365s, which is amazing and incredibly inspiring!

♥ Finally, I love the texture and colours in this image called Purple Rain by Tim Pixsson. As well as snow themed photos, I have a soft spot for rain themed photos. I seem to forever be "favouriting" photos of people with umbrellas. There's something about umbrellas that can create such a lovely mood in photos. I've not seen one quite like this before.

I hope you've enjoyed browsing this selection and are feeling inspired! :) If you'd like to have a look back at the Flickr Friday posts I did last year, click here.


  1. beautiful finds! very inspiring selection.

  2. I'd forgotten just how much inspiration there is on Flickr so it's very nice to be reminded! I really love the photos you've chosen, especially the Eugenie A. photo as I've got that little birdy dress :)

    1. :D aw, it's a lovely dress! glad you liked the selection :)

  3. Eee, thanks for including me!


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