Friday, 10 April 2015

♥ Flickr Friday ♥

Here are some lovely pictures I've spotted on Flickr in the last few weeks. 
I hope you'll find them as inspiring as I have! :)

♥ I am in awe of this soft, dreamy portrait by Greg Pths. It's perfect.

♥ This image called Searching by Beata Rydén is so dramatic. I always love checking Beata's stream because she comes up with such unique concepts.

♥ Everything in this food photograph by Tara Noelle looks so fresh and delicious, even the tomato and I hate fresh tomatoes. You know a food photo is of superb quality if it makes you want to eat the things you normally hate eating!

♥ The way the blossom is draped across this image by Coral Staley-Hall is super pretty. Such amazing colours too.

♥ I love all the yellow and orange in this dreamy butterfly photo by Aléssia Michelin.

♥ This photo called Catching Dreams by Andrine Bauge has the most beautiful colours and so many lights. I'd love a huge print of this.

♥ Lastly, this photo called An Offering to the Sea by Joshua Malik I saw in Explore recently is gorgeous and makes me wish I could take pictures by the sea.

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