Thursday, 14 May 2015

Every Other Day 2015: Week 19

Here are this week's project pictures... I feel like I haven't had much time to think about what I want to take in recent weeks. I miss taking more creative pictures that I put more thought into. My life has suddenly got much more busy, which is great, but my personal photographs will probably remain more simple in the meantime. I do have an idea for a fun new nail art photo, which I hope to try in the near future though. I just need to find the right colour polishes for it! :)


64. Tea


65. Wallflowers (19/52 for 52 Flowers in 2015)


66. My Tiniest Friend

This is my response to Libby's photo for Photo Tennis. :) I had to ask my mum to press the button on my remote for me for this. I would need a third hand to do so whilst holding wriggly Simon! Hopefully, one day I'll manage to get both me and Simon in focus, but it's very difficult in such low light conditions.


67. Kitchen Window

A simple photo after a long and eventful day at work. I photographed an indoor formal event for the first time. The lighting conditions were extremely challenging and it hit home that the time has definitely come for me to upgrade my camera! But, now I'm editing the pictures, they are much better than I first thought. I'll share the link here if/when they appear on the BBG website. :)


  1. You always inspire me to pick up my camera and take more pictures just for me because I love it! I totally get being busy and it cutting into creative things, which is how I've felt a lot lately! I really love that one of you and Simon!

    1. I'm happy that I've inspired you :) Yeah, it's really hard to make time for creative things sometimes. I hope you manage to find some time to take photos soon! & thanks! :)


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