Saturday, 11 July 2015

#1day12pics (Photo an hour)

Hello, blog readers. I'm still around but I haven't taken many photos at all lately. I've been taking a bit of a photography break because other things have had to take priority. Someone I know has been very ill and I've also been adjusting to my new work schedule and commute, so I've been feeling much more tired than usual. However, later this week I'm planning to start travelling to work a different way, with significantly less walking. I currently walk 5 miles a day, and on top of that I'm on my feet for most of the working day too. Hopefully, my new commute plans will cut out a lot of the walking and so I'll have more energy to do other things outside of work, like take photos!

Today I have mostly had a relaxing day off work so I decided to do a new “photo an hour” post for #1day12pics. This is my first one since Christmas day last year!

8am. Opened my blinds and it was a sunny start to the day.

9am. Sitting in bed after breakfast doing some colouring-in of a new page in Fabulous Flowers.

10am. Time for some coffee

11am. About to set out to the bank and the shops for a few things.

12pm. Back at home watching some episodes of Community. :)

1pm. Some pretty flowers we have in the living room at the moment.

2pm. More colouring-in, more Community and a post-lunch mug of tea.

3pm. I had a nap and when I woke up I found that some new boots I had ordered for the winter had arrived. I love Fly London shoes/boots.

4pm. A quick wander in the garden. This is the last of the foxgloves.

5pm. Finally got around to setting up voicemail on my new phone.

6pm. Playing a few tunes before making dinner

7pm. Dinnertime: trottole tricolore pasta, broccoli, pesto, parmesan and a Quorn pesto and mozzarella escalope. I eat this meal quite often - it's such a great combination!

Not the most exciting photos in the world for today, but it's been good to use my camera again. Hopefully, I'll be back fairly soon with some more to share :)


  1. Glad to see you posting! <3 Hope everything/everyone is doing okay and you're still enjoying your new job. x

    PS I love your phonecase!

    1. Thanks, Libby. Things are not great right now, but *fingers crossed* they'll get better. The job is going fine, at least, thank you! Hoping you're well too :)

      & thanks! It was a Society6 find. It is this one here



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