Saturday, 24 October 2015

30 Days In Autumn: Days 11-20

I'm currently enjoying a few days off work, which has been wonderful so far and just what I needed. I've been to see Suffragette at the cinema, been out for a couple of yummy meals, and best of all, I've been to see Ride at the Birmingham Institute, which was an awesome experience. They performed a selection of hits and then played Nowhere in its entirety, which was incredible. I really loved hearing Dreams Burn Down, In A Different Place, and Vapour Trail. :D I opted for seated balcony tickets for the first time and it was nice to be able to see the whole stage for once (being short is such a pain at gigs!).

The break has also given me a chance to catch up on this project, which has proved much harder than I anticipated, and I've had to cheat a bit to catch up on some days. Still, the project is reviving my interest in photography a little, which is what I hoped it would do. :) 

30 Days in Autumn: Day 11

Day 11. Orange and green

I loved how this flower was peeking out from all the leaves

30 Days In Autumn: Day 12

Day 12. Autumn view

The view from my attic bedroom on an overcast autumn day

30 Days In Autumn: Day 13

Day 13. Leaves and bokeh

30 Days In Autumn: Day 14

Day 14. From the window

30 Days In Autumn: Day 15

Day 15. Pale Rose

30 Days In Autumn: Day 16

Day 16. Holly Prickles

30 Days In Autumn: Day 17

Day 17. Berry

30 Days In Autumn: Day 18

Day 18. Pigeons in the flower bed

30 Days In Autumn: Day 19

Day 19. Autumn patio

30 Days In Autumn: Day 20

Day 20. Orange leaves

In New Hall Valley Country Park this morning


  1. All these photos are lovely as always. My personal favorite is photo 12! I feel like I need it hanging in my house :)


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